strxwberry cat 🌸

weclome to webmistress elysia's home

the carpet floors are soft and gentle and the floor, we love being on them!

we do our best to make this home calm and safe, lovely and inclusive and inviting :3


we are a autistic queer, genderqueer plural system. love making pretty pictures, being affectionate, and taking care of ourselves and others. we joke about also enjoying killing god, however, we just don't have the time like we used to do, we very well could no longer enjoy it!
our system has a lot of aesthetic diversity and feelings. we love soft and pink things, and we also love blood! learning about who we are is so cool and awesome, we love gender.

pronouns We are pronoun-fluid, and like experimenting with new neo-pronouns! one of our favourites is fae/faer!
she/her is okay too.

special interests

these are things that make us very very happy and that we spend a lot of time with!


these are things that are important to us, and affect our lives and thoughts less signficantly than special interests do.

several of these are probably actually special interests, we just haven't acknowledged it.

  • computers
  • psychology
  • blood
  • astro shit. just put a cool suffix on it we probably like it!
  • anarchy

the webhome origin

we made this website because we really wanted to make a pretty personal website after someone shared some awesome ones with us, including their own! it seemed like we'd have a ton of fun and expression, too.
we also made this website to sort and share all the things we love talking and writing about. it's gonna be awesome. there are so many awesome things in our head and organising those into happy and editable words sounds so gorgeous and cool.

after creating it, we feel so excited to begin doing cool and brain creative things! we want this to be playful and soft and truly representative of ourselves. doing silly things is fun and gets us to do things we had never considered before, and, making it representative of who we are is super euphoric! quite similar to how we play animal crossing, actually.

made with help from


  • add geography/infrastructure/mapping to special interests. no idea what we're gonna draw for it
  • create album subdirectory (hard! very cool!) ideas ready; need theme
  • vital statistics coming up with ideas
  • subdirectory for identity si (gender, neurodiversity)
  • work on importing comprehensive xcx guide into a subdirectory in progress
  • add more cats and organise that page more 1/2
  • spend time on making nav really pretty!!! ✔️
  • finish redrawing train image to have depth (side and bogeys) and higher contrast.
    This image was originally drawn in animal crossing, which is roughly half the resolution of the icon on this page, and has limited palette options. AC also algortihmically smoothes pixel art, which can be good, but made redrawing a pain.
  • create a subdirectory for outfits!
  • links page for all the cool stuff online
  • create catalogue of books we've read and our thoughts :)
  • clean this section up, add more book design things, etc etc.